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  • Use USAF Run Pacer to train and run your personal best mile and a half!  Select your track, set your pace, and this app will let you focus on running. Five custom beat tracks help you maintain your pace, and both lap time and projected finish time are displayed to let you know you are on track for your goal.

  • Go on an adventure with Queen Teerolla in this interactive story!  The 24-page story is narrated for pre-readers, and kids can find over 100 sounds by exploring. Make decisions to guide Queen Teerolla towards finding her favorite food!

  • iDeploy Photo Edition is a customizable countdown timer designed for both family members and those deployed 

  • Laser Effect Calculator allows you to explore the world of lasers and optics - see the resulting laser effect, laser brightness and laser spot size when you change the laser power, firing time, range to object, wavelength of light, exit lens diameter and beam quality 


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